Moley Robotics is releasing the world’s first robot kitchen in 2017. Cooking will be as easy as pulling up a recipe and sitting back and watching a pair of robotic arms do all the work.

The kitchen will come complete with a pair of robot arms, oven, a shelf for holding food and utensils, and a touch screen. The robot arms will retract when not in use.
Users can operate the kitchen with a smartphone or via the included touch screen. Simply pull up a recipe on either platform and have the Moley Robot do the rest of the work.

Users can choose from a selection of included recipes, which the robot knows how to cook because a chef prepared it wearing special gloves while being filmed by 3D motion capture technology. In doing so, the robot knows how to cook the recipe exactly like the human that first demonstrated it.
This means the robotic hands will even have natural pauses while cooking because it’s replicating a human. Former Masterchef Tim Anderson was filmed for a demonstration, who you can see cooking below.
这意味着机器人的手在烹饪时会有自然的停顿,因为它是完全复制人的。前主厨Tim Anderson就是机器人复制的原型。在视频中你可以看到这个原理。
The kitchen will come with a protective screen to ensure safety. The robot will also use a food processor instead of knives so people aren’t scared by a knife-wielding robot in their home.

The robot kitchen will be pricey at $75,000 when it first launches, but is expected to drop down to around $30,500 in four to five years, Factor Magazine reported.