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机器人TV 创办于2015年8月,报道国内外最新机器人产品和研究成果,直播机器人技术挑战赛、国内外机器人展会、机器人世界杯。

本站仅供学习研究参考使用,部分内容来自网络,如涉及侵权,请联系本人删除。业务联系邮箱 justin (at) (请把(at)替换为@)。


2019年机器人TV 改版,启用新logo,使用新域名







Frequently Asked Questions

What is Robot.TV? is nothing but a website of robot.

When was Robot.TV created? was created in 2015, which was dubbed as “the first year of intelligent robot era” in China.

Why did I create

As the founder, I created mainly for the following two reasons:

First, I am obsessed with all kinds of robots and the study of robotics. I am eager to know everything about robot, and to know everyone who also studies robotics.

Second, I believe robot is the NEXT BIG THING after computer and smartphone. Robots will be highly likely to be our best assistants, and hopefully they will not replace humans entirely. Another possibility is that robots can be true in the Chinese sense, i.e. humans and robots can be integrated and we eventually become cyborgs, which can be JiqiRen in Chinese sense. Robots can be an extension of us, and humans will be the soul of robots. We are likely to become JiqiRen.

Who am I?

Chen Chen, alias Justin in English.

What else projects have I founded or co-founded?

I co-founded CognitveBase, a search engine of Cognitive Property.

How to contact me?

Email: justin # (Replace # with @)

You can also add me via QQ or WeChat: 359959667

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