Disney’s telepresence robot is shockingly precise

The future is a man behind a curtain, operating a robot 未来是人在幕后,远程控制一台机器人

Disney Research has built an incredibly accurate telepresence robot that can nearly match a human’s motions one for one. The telepresence robot uses a combination of stereo cameras and an air and water hydraulics system, which allows for more precise controls by its human operator.

视频中的这款机器人是迪斯尼研究院开发的一款精确度极高的远程机器人,这款机器人可以在远程以几乎一比一的程度完全地呈现出人类操控者的动作。这套机器人拥有一整套立体传感摄像机以及精度极高的空气/液压混合传动系统, 甚至能够完成穿针引线这样高难度的精细动作。

The operator uses a head-mounted display to see through the robots perspective, and can handle delicate objects like eggs without cracking them, and even thread a needle. Although this is far from the first telepresence robot — theme parks have used different variations of telepresence robots to allow characters to naturally interact with people — Disney’s offering shows the potential of telepresence robots can go much farther than simply waving at kids in Magic Kingdom.