China seeks to expand use of robots – CCTV News 

The World Robot Conference 2015 opened in Beijing Monday.  Scholars from around the world are discussing the use of robots in both industry and society.  Meanwhile, there is a special exhibition where visitors can have a closer look at industrial and service robots. 

Robots that can serve as waiters are demonstrated during the World Robot Conference in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 23, 2015.  
2015年11月23日, 北京世界机器人大会展示了可以做服务员的机器人。


Experts divide robotics into industrial and service robots.  In terms of industrial use, a quarter of global sales are created in China.  Fifty-seven thousand industrial robots were sold in China last year, an increase of 55 percent from the year before. 

Ha Enjing, Director of Siasun Robot & Automation, said:"Ninety percent of clients were from the auto industry in the past.  But now our clients are much more diversified, from petrochemical, shipbuilding, food processing.  So I think manufacturing in China is becoming more automatic." 

The Chinese government is drafting a plan to boost China’s robot development in key manufacturing fields, and to improve their capacity to produce high-end robots independently.  One example is this robotic arm, assembled in a satellite.  A satellite can use the hand to refuel, repair, or even defend itself from debris and fragments flying through space. 

"It's functionally similar to any industrial robot that we can see on the ground, but because it needs to work in outer space, it requires much more.  How to prevent cosmic radiation, how to keep it stable when it operates in a gravity-free environment, are key parts of our research," said Hu Haidong, Senior Engineer China Academy of Space Technology. 
中国空间技术研究院高级工程师Hu Haidong说:“在功能上,这类似于我们在地面上看到的工业机器人,但在太空中,机器人的功能需要有更多,比如怎么防止太空辐射,如何保持在失重的环境中稳定运行,这些都是我们研发的关键部分,”

Robotic experts believes that robots can do more.  They will get closer to your everyday life.  So close they will even end up under your skin. 

Gao Yuanqian, PHD of Tianjin University, said:"Robots can finish the mission that a surgeon cannot.  The robotic arm can perfectly repeat a doctor's move, and meantime intelligently eliminate the trembling of a doctor's hand, in a very limited space like an abdominal cavity." 
天津大学的博士Gao Yuanqian说:“机器人可以完成外科医生不能胜任的工作。机器人手臂可以完全重复医生的举动,并同时在一个非常有限的空间,比如腹腔,智能消除医生的颤抖的手。”

But like Doctor Gao said, there are just 30 surgery robotics like this across China.  Everything is just getting started here. 


Visitors watch a carrier robot during the World Robot Conference in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 23, 2015. (Xinhua/Jin Liwang)

Visitors watch a carrier robot during the World Robot Conference in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 23, 2015.